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Posted: Friday, January 24, 2014 - 14:31

Hi there.
We wanted to let you know that Alias' current programme, supported by Arts Council England and in partnership with Visual Arts South West, Stroud Valley Arts, The Devon Guild, Plymouth College of Art and several independent artist-led groups, is drawing to a close.
We have designed and delivered four of our five seminars (the last one takes place mid March), helped organisations through matched fundraising, helped several new Artists' Hubs get off the ground, advised groups on how to approach and negotiate temporary leases for empty shops and, of course, provided advisory services to several artist-led initiatives. Our funding from the Arts Council is through the Grants for the Arts scheme and we are grateful to them for their support.
Now the programme is almost complete, we're planning our next move. We want to undergo a period of organisational development to enable us to prepare a new plan of action for the next 2-3 years. We will still be here but with reduced capacity to directly assist artists' groups, although we will always do what we can to offer advice when and where we can. A key ambition is to launch a completely refreshed and interactive website which we hope will become an Artist's Hub in its own right and be a first port of call for anyone working in the artist-led field.
We are likely to be in touch with many of you over the coming months as we prepare our case for support to funders - we hope you feel we're worth it! We need to gather evidence of Alias's impact and the sector's needs - do keep an eye on the email.
And thank you for your interest and contact with Alias.
All good wishes. The Alias Team

Posted: Saturday, August 10, 2013 - 15:34


CAMP 0+1 > What Are We Doing Here? 

6/09/13 - 8/09/13 > Churchtown Farm, nr Fowey, Cornwall



Camp 0+1 is a residential camping weekend of participatory and collaborative events featuring discussions, workshops, actions and artworks exploring issues of ecology, political action and cultural production.
Our venue is a beautiful National Trust property near the town of Fowey in Cornwall. Churchtown Farm is situated near to Pont Pill creek which flows into the Fowey Estuary. The farm is situated between the creek and Lantic Bay, half a mile to the south.The village of Polruan, opposite Fowey is about a mile west. The ancient church of St Wyllow is located next to the farm, and well worth a visit. The atmosphere of the site is relaxed and informal, providing basic facilities for washing and cooking with the added bonus of a large stone building with audio visual equipment and a lot of comfy sofas!
Tickets are £30 for the full weekend (Friday-Sunday) and include all meals, basic camping facilities and full access to the gardens and artworks.

Speaking at Occupy Wall Street in 2011, philosopher Slavoj Zizek claimed:

“It’s easy to imagine the end of the world… but we cannot imagine the end of capitalism. So what are we doing here?”